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Why should I register with ProfileCorrect?

  • Registration with ProfileCorrect confirms that you are truly the person associated with your on-line profiles.
  • ProfileCorrect's premium credential service confirms that you have earned the diplomas, degrees, certificates, and licenses associated with your on-line profiles.

Why do I need to provide so much personal information?

  • Registration with ProfileCorrect requires so much information because there is so much at stake. There is significant risk for people and businesses when people they are associated with are not who they claim to be.
  • Registration requirements include providing photos of a government issued ID, birth certificate, and the applicant holding a specific publication. SS# and valid payment card with matching name are also required.

How does it work?

  • Upon successful registration ProfileCorrect members will be approved to join the "ProfileCorrect Members" goups on leading on-line networking sites including Linkedin and facebook.
  • Members may also link to their profile commentary from other custom sites (support from the custom site may be required).

How much does it cost?

  • Registration with ProfileCorrect is $10 (includes one year membership). Annual membership renewal is $5.
  • ProfileCorrect's premium credential service is $10 per diploma, degree, certificate, or license submitted for validation.

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